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A woman holds a child while standing near a field

Meeting urgent needs and providing opportunities around the world

Improving access to education and vocational training

A man wearing a hat stands beside a field of corn

Expanding harvests and improving nutrition

A woman feeds a young child with a spoon. They are sitting on a floor.

Improving hygiene, promoting community health and preventing disease

Four school students stand together. One holds a book.

Working for peace around the globe

A woman and child with a blanket, food and hygiene items

Providing urgent relief to people affected by disasters around the world

A child is washing their hands under a faucet

Building irrigation systems, wells and piped water systems, bringing clean water to communities

A woman and five children stand together near a tree

Supporting refugee sponsorship across Canada

A Haitian man holds a box of canned meat from MCC.

Provide emergency support and supplies to those affected by the earthquake.

Providing trauma healing, emergency housing, supplies and food packages to people in need.