BC Banquet Fundraiser

Over 800 million people in our world are hungry. And this number continues to increase due to climate disasters and conflict in Ukraine and elsewhere.

But together, we can help. This year, MCC Spring Banquets are raising funds for food projects which will feed families around the world.

With help from an MCC emergency food program, Nellie’s family could survive the storm. When Cyclone Ana ruined their crops and their home, Nellie Kandaiya and her son Patrick (then an infant) received emergency food, seeds and supplies to help rebuild their lives.

Would you consider giving to help families like Nellie’s today?

For over 100 years, MCC has partnered with the church and local organizations to distribute emergency food when disaster strikes and to provide long-term food solutions through agricultural training in rural communities.

Project ID: 1584
BC Banquet Fundraiser

Share emergency food and farming support with families like Nellie’s.