BC Refugee Claimant Assistance Program

Uprooted by persecution and fear for their life, it may seem like a refugee’s arrival in Canada is a happy end to a long journey; however, it can be just the beginning. If a refugee makes an asylum claim after they arrive, it can take many months – even years – to go through the process.

Living in limbo, uncertain if they will be allowed to stay, some organizations are able to offer these refugees legal assistance in their claim to help improve their chances of success. However, some refugee claims are very complex and their claim is denied.

With nowhere left to turn, MCC stands in the gap, assisting individuals in appealing the initial decision for their claim. We help each individual navigate the legal processes, giving them tools to be able to represent themselves and tell their unique story, helping them take one step closer to establishing their new life in Canada.

Project ID: 772
BC Refugee Claimant Assistance Program