Beirut explosion response

On August 4, 2020, an explosion at the port of Beirut, Lebanon, killed over 200 people and injured over 6,000 others.

With the damage at the port and other main silos, Lebanon lost the ability to unload imported food and other essential supplies like medicine. Lebanon relies heavily on imports for nearly 85% of its food supply.

You can help! Your gifts to the disaster in Beirut will go towards food and hygiene kits, reconstruction projects for homes and businesses, and psychosocial support like therapy and support groups.

Thank you for helping provide restoration and healing to those whose lives have been upended by this explosion. 

 Learn more information about MCC's response to the explosion in Beirut. 

Project ID: 1217
Beirut explosion response

Provide restoration and healing in the aftermath of the Beirut explosion.