Centennial - support MCC's core programming

One hundred years ago, MCC was formed in faith to help people in crisis. For the last century, MCC has responded to similar challenges. During this unprecedented time in world history due to COVID-19, we want to dig deeper into faith and live up to our legacy. 

Your gifts will help us to continue our support for the vulnerable communities we already serve. We invite you to consider a special gift in 2020 to help ensure MCC’s core programming will remain fully funded this year. Gifts will also help fund projects to respond to COVID-19, including those that support ongoing health, food and WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) work.
Join us as we bring peace, dignity and hope to those who need it most.
Project ID: 984
Centennial - support MCC's core programming

Provide basic needs to vulnerable people with a special Centennial gift.