Emergency food during COVID-19 - $7

You can provide emergency food to vulnerable people during COVID-19.

Feeling unsure about having enough food is a new feeling for many of us. But millions around the world can’t walk to a nearby supermarket or order takeout when they are hungry, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For $7, you can provide emergency assistance through existing distribution projects in places like Rubkona, South Sudan. In partnership with the Episcopal Church of South Sudan-South Sudanese Development & Relief Agency (ECSS-SSUDRA), MCC can continue to provide monthly food assistance to vulnerable households who have been internally displaced due to conflict. You will also help us implement handwashing stations at distribution sites and modify how distributions are carried out in order to encourage social distancing.

Thank you for partnering with us during this global pandemic to meet the needs of the most vulnerable.


Project ID: 1079
Emergency food during COVID-19 - $7

Provide emergency food to vulnerable communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.