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Five-year old Marinha Mariano fills a jug at a well in Caia, Mozambique. Thanks to the new well in her community, Marinha has easier access to clean water.

Can you imagine if you had to walk to the well every time you needed water to drink, wash clothes, wash dishes or take a bath? People in Marinha’s community used to walk several miles every day to have enough water to drink, cook and wash. Now with a clean water source nearby, the hard work of walking long distances for water and then having to carry it all the way home, is much less.

This project has completed 95 wells so far and more wells are still needed. One well provides clean water for 500 or more people.It costs: $80 for 2 water filters which is needed for one well, $600 for one pump in one well, $3,600 to build one complete well.

Yes! I want to invest in clean water for Mozambique...

Project ID: 794