Manitoba Grow Hope

When you sponsor an acre of farmland, you are partnering with a generous community of Manitobans to help end hunger.

Here’s how it works: every dollar from your sponsorship grows over the spring, summer and fall! After harvest, the farmer sells the crop for a maximum return yield – usually at least $500 per acre – and the proceeds are deposited into MCC’s account at Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB).

Your sponsorship helps cover the costs of seeds which are planted by our Grow Hope farmers, and their work at cultivating throughout the summer. The seeds will grow into strong, hearty ears of corn, stalks of wheat or blooming yellow canola.

Here’s the really exciting part: through a special agreement between CFGB and the Government of Canada, the farmers’ proceeds are eligible to be matched up to four times!

That means every acre sponsored for $350 can grow into as much as $2,500 to provide emergency food assistance and long-term food security to families in need around the world. Join us – Grow Hope today!

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Manitoba Grow Hope

$350 covers the cost of planting, cultivating and harvesting one acre for Grow Hope.