Personal protective equipment - $10

You can help protect front-line workers during COVID-19.

The rapid increase in COVID-19 cases has threatened health support workers in the areas we serve. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, MCC supports the only primary care and emergency care clinic for internally displaced people in Mubimbi and Poste camps. The clinic has been vital in battling past epidemics, like Ebola and cholera. In Ukraine, MCC works alongside local health care providers to address health needs for extremely high-risk groups, such as people with HIV and TB, addictions and elderly people. In times of crisis, the needs of these communities are heightened.

During COVID-19, you can support additional costs as the need for health supplies increase. You will ensure that front-line workers receive the equipment they need to stay safe and protect those they serve.

Thank you for partnering with us during this global pandemic to meet the needs of the most vulnerable.


Project ID: 1078
Personal protective equipment - $10

For $10, you can help protect front-line workers with personal protective equipment during COVID-19.