Promoting Education in Rural Chad

Om Aboa (left), Gumuri Mahamat and Omi Haki are students in an MCC-supported school in North Kanem, Chad. In North Kanem, a remote, camel-herding region, many families are illiterate. MCC is giving children such as Om, Gumuri and Omi new chances to learn.

In class, reading, writing and mathematics are taught in the Dazaga language, and students study French as well. With the school offering classes in the language students speak at home, the number of pupils, especially girls, continues to increase.

Your contribution supports school lunches and salaries for teachers and the building of a new well, which will provide the school community with a clean, reliable source of water. With your help, MCC will continue to partner with APE to bring new chances for learning to more students.

(MCC photo by Ben Weisbrod)

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Promoting Education in Rural Chad