Providing Safe Water for Schools in Nicaragua

This project will support the building of three wells and well rehabilitation to ensure better quality access in a sustainable and safe way to students and school teachers.

This project will also develop an education process on water, hygiene and sanitation in rural Bluefields communities. There will be a special emphasis on hand-washing as a practical and simple strategy to contribute to personal health.

A quote from a participant on the Parents Board:

“With the rehabilitation of the school’s well, we are guaranteeing quality water that our children and the schools’ nearby neighbors will be drinking. Our children did not have healthy water, they had to bring water in bottles from their farms, which isn’t safe water either. However, as parents, we felt safer if they took water from home. Today they no longer need to carry the water, and similarly, some families that live around the school also have access to safe water."

Project ID: 795
Providing Safe Water for Schools in Nicaragua