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More than half a million Rohingya refugees like Safiri have fled extreme violence in Myanmar in search of safety and freedom. Violence broke out in northern Rakhine state at the end of August when Rohingya militants attacked government forces. According to the United Nations, the Myanmar government responded against the Rohingya with disproportionate violence. Entire villages have been destroyed, and there has been widespread panic and flight.

We are helping provide relief through Canadian Foodgrains Bank members World Renew, and Emergency Relief and Development Overseas (ERDO), along with their local partners. More than 4,300 households (about 26,000 people) will receive emergency rations of rice, lentils, oil, sugar, salt and high energy biscuits for three months. Learn more.

Your gift today can be doubled! Donations from individual Canadians to the Rohingya crisis response made between August 25th and November 28th, 2017 will be matched by the Government of Canada. The government will then put that amount into their Myanmar Crisis Relief Fund to be distributed to NGOs to help people affected by the crisis.


Rohingya crisis
Providing emergency food for Rohingya refugees fleeing violence in Myanmar

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