Remarkable people

Become a monthly donor and help find smart solutions to complex problems every single month.

Monthly donors are remarkable people who decide to join MCC’s partners on the ground to deliver critical care to vulnerable families when it’s needed the most.

These days, it feels like stories of tragedy are all around us. On the news. On our phone. In our head when we try to fall asleep at night. 

But the reality is, those stories are just a glimpse of the hardships our global neighbours are facing. 

At this very moment, many pregnant women in Uganda—and around the world—aren’t able to access critical health care. For routine or urgent care, they’re walking two hours or more on dangerous roads to get to a clinic. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Especially with caring people like you on our side. 

When you join MCC as a monthly donor, you’re joining thousands of compassionate Canadians who are finding smart solutions to complex problems… like helping expecting mothers access life-saving health care.

Your loving monthly gift today can provide solutions like round-trip motorcycle rides to healthcare clinics, mobile clinics, training of local healthcare workers, prenatal education and more…all year long.

By joining us today, your kindness will go to work around the world every month, filling in the gaps in existing systems of care…improving and saving the lives of vulnerable women and children in Uganda—and beyond. Which means: 




When the world seems dark…and when it feels like there is no solution…the light of your love can be there right away, helping families when they need you the most. 

Please consider joining other remarkable Canadians of faith today. Canadians who are making a difference every single month. 

Thank you. May God bless you! 

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Remarkable people

Provide life-saving support—like round-trip motorcycle rides for expecting mothers in Uganda—all year long.