Sponsor a school kit

School supplies are a tangible message of God’s love for families around the world who struggle to afford basic supplies or can’t find them because of disaster or conflict. Without these items, many kids can’t get the education they desperately need.

A school kit is a cloth bag filled with notebooks, pencils, a ruler, coloured pencils, an eraser, pens and a sharpener that gets sent to children in need all over the world. Our global partners are requesting school kits again this year and we need your help filling these bags!

Your donation of $8.50 will provide one school kit for a child like Moses Akot, a student at Loreto Primary School in South Sudan. Want to donate more than one kit?

  • $34 = 4 kits
  • $68 = 8 kits
  • $136 = 16 kits

Learn more about school kits and The School Kit Challenge.

Project ID: 1588
Sponsor a school kit

Help kids around the world get an education. A donation of $8.50 covers the cost of the supplies needed for one school kit.