Ukraine emergency response

Sergey Panasovich travels to areas near the front lines in eastern Ukraine to visit people who are living in the midst of the shelling and trauma. “Every day there are still battles,” he says. “There is artillery and the windows shake.” 

Panasovich works with the Association of Mennonite Brethren Churches of Ukraine, an MCC partner. It’s one of several partners that MCC is working alongside as we respond to the needs of people who live in areas near the front lines, or have fled to other parts of the country. The conflict began in 2014 and almost four million people are now in need of immediate humanitarian assistance.

Your donation to MCC’s emergency response in Ukraine will help us provide:

  • Winter heating fuel, assistance with rent, bedding and other essential supplies to displaced families in Zaporizhzhia region, Zhytomyr region and Nikopol.
  • Counselling, trauma healing support and opportunities to participate in community activities for people affected by the conflict in Zaporizhzhia region and Nikopol.
  • Material resources such as hygiene supplies, food, relief kits and blankets that are distributed to displaced people, those living near the front lines and vulnerable people in orphanages, institutions, the disabled and elderly.
Project ID: 277
Ukraine emergency response

Providing winter supplies, emergency food and kits, and counseling to people affected by the conflict.