Venezuela refugee response

Worsening political instability and economic crisis in Venezuela is displacing increased numbers of Venezuelans to locations in Latin America and the Caribbean. More than 3 million people have fled the country – many of them urgently requiring food assistance, medical services, shelter and legal support. Through ongoing projects in Colombia, which hosts more than 1 million Venezuelan refugees, and Ecuador, MCC is responding to the needs of displaced people from Venezuela.

In Colombia, MCC is partnering with the Mennonite Church in Riohacha to provide daily meals and working with the Mennonite Brethren Church in Valle del Cauca to deliver food, household items, shelter and small business support. In Ecuador, MCC is partnering with the Quito Mennonite Church to provide food, medical support, hygiene items, stoves, blankets and start-up funds for refugee families.

Venezuelan families continue to flee to neighbouring countries. You can help.

Project ID: 885
Venezuela refugee response

Respond to the needs of Venezuelans who have fled to Colombia and Ecuador