Welcome our New Neighbours

Right now, Ukrainian families continue to flee their country for the safety of ours. Some arriving right here in BC!

Will you help our newest neighbours
as they start over in Canada?

As of this moment, more than 14 million Ukrainians have been forced to flee their homes – that’s over one-third of the population of Ukraine. Eight million of whom have fled to neighbouring countries in Europe.

But those countries are only so big and their resources are being stretched. Leaving families to wonder, “Where do we go now?”

The Canadian government has put emergency travel measures in place to help Ukrainian families get to Canada, and to provide them with the opportunity to work and study while they’re here.

But there’s a problem.

These emergency measures are simple and only provide a few services. Which means these families will not have access to the usual refugee support programs and communities.

Once they arrive in Canada, they’re on their own. 

Caring neighbours like you can change that. 

Many people in your community are reaching out to support our newest neighbours. We’re wondering if you’d consider doing the same?

  • $20 can provide an umbrella for a Ukrainian family
  • $50 can cover household start-up costs like cleaning supplies, small kitchen appliances, tools or bedding
  • $150 can provide a public transit pass for one individual
  • $200 can stock a pantry with essentials like spices, cooking oil and basic food staples
  • $500 can provide one week of rent for a Ukrainian family
  • $2,000 can provide one month of rent for a Ukrainian family

But whatever amount you’re able to give will be an answer to prayer for children and families who have narrowly escaped violent conflict and are starting over in a new country. 

Families for whom your support will feel like a lifeline.

Thank you!

Project ID: 1504
Welcome our New Neighbours

Will you help our newest neighbours as they start over in Canada?