Welcome Refugees in BC


This Thanksgiving, you can help.

Right now, hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing Afghanistan—joining the millions of other refugees fleeing violence and uncertainty around the world.

They’re worried—for themselves, for their children, for their grandchildren… and for the future of the country they love so much.

This Thanksgiving, they are in urgent, desperate need of support from compassionate people like you.

Last month, our government pledged to bring 20,000 Afghan refugees to Canada. We don’t know when they’ll be arriving. What we do know is that they’ll need a safe place to rest when they get here. A place to heal. A place to build a home.

Your compassion can prepare a safe place for them today, so that it’s ready the minute they arrive.

Will you provide the wanderer with shelter today?

Right now, families fleeing conflict in Afghanistan—and elsewhere—are counting on you.

Please give now.
to bring one person in need to Canada
to bring one family in need to Canada


But any amount that you are able to give today is life changing. Because when your gift combines with the gifts of others, the impact of your compassion will grow—touching more lives than you can even imagine!

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Welcome Refugees in BC