Learning tours with MCC offer the opportunity for participants to see the work of MCC first-hand, to grow in faith, to gain an understanding of the unique story in each country, and to foster relat

Support the work of the Refugee Sponsorship Program in Alberta.

Join us September 10th in Okotoks for our annual Golf Tournament fundraiser. 9 hole tournament (18 holes optional) and a great dinner!

Join us September 9th in Tofield for our annual Golf Tournament fundraiser. 18 hole tournament and a great lunch!

Funds raised will go towards food projects around the world. 


Your $1 can become up to $5 of food aid thanks to a special government matching program through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.


Support programs in Alberta such as Planting Peace, Uprooted, Community Awareness through Service and Action (CASA), and Building Bridges.

When the one you love abuses you, a part of you is lost. Dealing with the fear, confusion, embarrassment and anger can lead women into isolation and hopelessness.

To experience a life of homelessness is to experience 
a life of rejection.

When newcomers arrive in Canada, the experience can be overwhelming.

The legacy of hundreds of years of discrimination and abuse – including the experience of residential schools – have left deep scars in Indigenous communities across Canada.

MCC works around the work in over 50 countries, but we believe that need knows no borders.

Support a rider in the 2017 MCC BC Pedaling for Hope Cyclathon!

For thousands of families every year, persecution, war 
and violence force them to give up what we often take for granted: peace, safety and security.

Uprooted by persecution and fear for their life, it may seem like a refugee’s arrival in Canada is a happy end to a long journey; however, it can be just the beginning.

Over the past several months, MCC BC has successfully facilitated welcoming two families under the Refugee Sponsorship program.

We believe that the best way for young adults to get excited about the mission of MCC is to invite them along for the journey.

Come participate in the Bread of Life "auction" on the Main Stage at 7:30 pm at the Festival for World Relief on Friday, September 16.

“I was very grateful because the Mennonites were able to build our house,”says Maria Tziná from the main room of the home where she and her husband are raising two children, ages three and ni

When you donate to MCC's account with Canadian Foodgrains Bank, your gift goes towards food assistance, agriculture and nutrition projects.

Helping farmers adapt to climate change and feed their families

Your gift to "cash for kits" covers material aid shipping costs and provides funding to purchase items locally in-country. Local purchases enable an immediate or culturally appropriate response.

Families in the slum community of Mathare North Quarry, in Nairobi, Kenya suffer frequently from illness due to lack of clean water and proper sanitation.

Support our Mennonite Brethren church partners as they respond to the devastation of homes and livelihoods caused by flooding in the Chocó region of Colombia.

Carry on Michael J. Sharp’s passion for peace in DR Congo

Improving access to education and vocational training

Girls have not had equal access to education in Bangladesh. Families with few resources send their sons to school first.

Proyecto MAMA (Women Friends Miles Apart) has a vision: to help children born into poverty to survive and develop their full potential.

Half a million people live in Mathare North, a poor district in Nairobi. Single mothers struggle to support their children with short-term jobs like washing clothes or collecting garbage.

Al-Mina Workshop is a L’Arche community for adults with mental disabilities in the Old City of Damascus. Its development program teaches social skills, coordination and hygiene.

Dodoma is one of only seven schools for deaf students in a country with about 700,000 people with hearing loss.

In Kamuli District, Uganda, the number of orphans and vulnerable children has nearly doubled in the last five years.

In Ethiopia’s Tigrai region, many children who have lost parents to AIDS are raised by extended family members.

Providing food to those in need.

Increasing harvests and giving farmers new ways to earn a living

Help children in Haiti to learn and grow!

Your gift can create more learning opportunities for people like Korotimi, who can now grow enough food to feed her children.

Improving hygiene, promoting community health and preventing disease

Providing relief to families suffering from famine and hunger
Providing relief in Haiti and Cuba after Hurricane Irma

Your gift supports the Indigenous Neighbours program in Saskatchewan as we strive to foster respectful relations and work at building bridges of understanding with Indigenous people.

Support MCC's International Volunteer Exchange Program

Your gift supports the work of the restorative justice program in Saskatchewan. The focus on trauma awareness is central to our work.

Help families displaced by violence in the Kasai region, DR Congo
Your gift gives young people opportunities to serve in the name of Christ.

Building small businesses, boosting income and teaching new skills

Help improve access to affordable housing for vulnerable individuals, families and communities in Manitoba.
Clear Lake Cycle

Support a rider here.


Support the work of the Migration and Resettlement Program in Manitoba.


Every dollar you share can become up to $5 thanks to government matching and generous Manitoba farmers!

Support relief, development and peace in Manitoba

Your gift supports the Refugee Resettlement Program in Manitoba as we assist refugees who have suffered persecution, violence and human rights abuses to resettle in Canada.

Help provide desperately needed supplies for people whose lives have been disrupted by war or disaster.

Every year, the MCC BC community comes together at the Festival for World Relief with one goal: to raise funds to support the work of MCC.

The MCC Saskatchewan Relief Sale & Auction raises money for MCC projects around the world.

Your gift supports programming in the Meadowgreen neighbourhood of Saskatoon through our kids and youth clubs and our homework help and nutrition program.

Providing relief after earthquakes in Mexico
Support the work of the Indigenous Neighbours Program in Ontario.
Supports the work of the Low German Newcomers Program in Ontario.
Support the work of the Material Resources Program in Ontario.
Support the work of the People in Poverty Program in Ontario.
Support the work of the Refugee Resettlement Program in Ontario.


Your donation supports safer streets and communities through Circles of Support & Accountability (COSA).


Every dollar you share can become up to $5 thanks to government matching and a generous Ontario farmer!

Ontario contains one-fifth of the world’s fresh surface water, yet many First Nations communities in the province struggle with accessing clean and safe drinking water.


Your donation helps feed hungry people around the world through MCC's meat canning operation in Elmira, Ontario.


 Your donation helps feed hungry people around the world through MCC's meat canning operation in Leamington, Ontario.


Your gift supports the Lazarus Rising street pastor as she responds to homelessness and marginialization in Toronto.

Your donation makes a huge difference - please consider supporting Circle of Friends!

Your gift supports this discipleship adventure of service and reflection on issues of poverty and homelessness.

Your gift allows us to walk alongside women from Brampton, Hamilton and Toronto who are returning to the community after incarceration.

Building a just peace and a safe and secure home for both Palestinians and Israelis.

Working for peace in places torn by war and conflict

Your gift supports the work of peace in Saskatchewan as we seek to promote peace and alternatives to violence in our constituency and broader communities.

Provide humanitarian assistance to families affected by flooding in Peru.

Planting Peace is a two-week cross-cultural program, designed to train, equip and encourage 10 international and 10 local young adults to be peace promoters.  

More than half a million Rohingya refugees like Safiri have fled extreme violence in Myanmar in search of safety and freedom.

Help provide urgent relief to people affected by many disasters around the world
Support the work of Restorative Justice Programs in Canada

Your gift to Seed supports young adults as they reflect, serve and advocate.

Shouldering Our Share aims to assist veterans, especially those who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), by providing a network of friendship and support.

Buckets of Thanks is an event where participants gather around Thanksgiving to pack relief kits for families who have been displaced by disaster or war.

This fund exists to promote conversations and activities in support of the relationship between the Young Chippewayan Band, Lutherans and Mennonites.

MCC Saskatchewan supports migration and refugee resettlement programs across the province.

We are now offering SOOP t-shirts! Get yours, celebrate being part of a wide group of volunteers and look to see where other SOOPers pop up!

Relief for people displaced by floods in Nepal, India and Bangladesh.
South Sudanese refugee receives relief in Ethiopia

Providing famine relief in South Sudan and supporting South Sudaneese refugees in Ethiopia. 

Support a volunteer worker in the country where they are currently serving

MCC partner TANADESA is aiming to develop an entrepreneurial training program for adolescents, young people and women in the communities of Panabaj Tzanchaj and Chuk Muk, in the municipality of San

Providing for basic needs, including food, education, rent assistance, water, winter clothing, heaters, fuel and trauma healing

Providing winter supplies, emergency food and kits, and counseling to people affected by the conflict.

Uprooted is a Work and Learn Tour for Alberta & Saskatchewan Young Adults.

Building wells, dams and irrigation systems, bringing clean water to communities

Supporting refugee sponsorship across Canada

Supporting MCC’s work around the world

Give a gift to the Young Anabaptist Mennonite Exchange Network (YAMEN)