Hi, my name is Jan Ellison and I am trying to raise money to re-unite a Syrian family here in Canada.   Through volunteering with Immigrant Services in Langley,  I got to know and love the Syrian refugee family:  Ali and Montaha plus their 3 beautiful children (Mona, Wissam and Hazim).   Ali has a full time construction job, here in Canada, and attends English class after work.  Montaha never had the opportunity to attend school in Syria, but she is now learning to read and write English, here in Canada.  All 3 of the children are attending school and doing very well.  The boys love ball hockey and soccer and have joined local leagues.   

The family is from Aleppo, one of the hardest hit cities in Syria, and so they  lost many of their family members,  but  3 managed to escape Syria and are now in Lebanon and Turkey.  The children’s 16 year old cousin, Abdul-Aziz; and their 2 uncles Saeed age 26, and Ahmed 23.     They cannot return to Syria nor can they work legally in Lebanon or Turkey since they are refugees.  

Please help reunite this family.  We need over $24 000 to sponsor 3 family members, so every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated.   All funds raised go towards housing, food, clothes and other essentials of daily life.  Thank you in advance for your support. 

I am happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to the Barsan  family living in Langley, the 3 family members we have applied to bring from Turkey and Lebanon, or housing/food/clothing etc.    my email is:  jan_ellison@hotmail.com  

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Funds raised: $25,380.00 towards the goal of $24,200.00