¡Hola a todos!
As of August, I’ll be participating in MCC’s SALT program (Serving and Learning Together for a year long term serving as an English Teacher/ Youth Worker in Mexico! It's going to be a fulfilling year, with lots of opportunities for growth and discovery that I’m absolutely looking forward to embracing.

I'll be working with the Escuela Álvaro Obregón in Nuevo Ideal, Durango Mexico teaching English to middle school children. I’m honoured to be given this opportunity to serve and work as I build meaningful relationships in my new home community within Mexico. As it is a volunteer service position, I'm placing my faith and trust by relying on the emotional, spiritual and financial support of my network of friends and family. I would appreciate so much any support you’d be able to extend, whether be it financial, prayer or by staying in touch. I hope to raise $6200 within the year which is half of what this service opportunity costs and the funds raised helps to provide future service opportunities such as these. Thanks so much and all of my gratitude towards you as you choose to embark on my upcoming year’s adventure.

*A tax receipt will be sent to you. As well, donations may take a few days to process/be added to the total shown.

Funds raised: $105.00 towards the goal of $6,200.00