We did it Brantford! We have successfully sponsored and welcomed a family of 6 into our community and are preparing to welcome another family! Currently, our fundraising goals are to cover emergency medical care and if we raise enough, we will keep moving forward and sponsor a third family.

Brantford has successfully welcomed over 10 new families to our community in the past 2 years, and those families are thriving thanks to your generosity and compassion. Our city is an ideal location for refugee families; we are growing daily, and their contributions are enhancing and improving this city day by day. Thank you for welcoming so many new Canadians to this city and may we welcome many, many more.
Brantford is a beautiful and generous city! Every penny counts, so whether you have $2.00 or $200.00 to donate, know that your donation is much needed and very appreciated.
If you want to be part of the team that welcomes our families into the community in a practical way please email brantfordcares@gmail.com to join the Brantford Cares - Refugee Response Team

Funds raised: $48,830.49 towards the goal of $70,000.00