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Dear Sir/Madam.
We are a group of Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents from BC. Our background of origin is from Eritrea who were former refugees or Canadians born to immigrants and former refugees. We currently number at 10 signatories and we have many volunteers who showed interest in joining us, our number is growing by the day. It is a community initiative to help those in need as a way of helping others and giving back to the society that directly or indirectly helped us when we were in need. 
Currently we are committed to sponsoring a family of 5 under the BVOR sponsorship program. We already have some funds for our responsibility to support the family for their first month and months 8 - 12. Since it is our first endeavor as a group, we have recognized that the current BC RAP (Resettlement Assistance Program) rates that the newcomer family would be receiving for months 2 to 7 will not be enough to cover their expenses with the actual cost of living in British Columbia being astronomically high. We are requesting financial support from individuals and organizations to undertake a smooth transition for this refugee family to resettle over the course of the year. 
The expense we expect to cover this coming year are the following: covering the shortage in the rental housing and basic necessities, food, clothing, transportation, communication and incidentals. 
We are humbly requesting donations for a total of $36,700.00. If donors wish to support and assist us in this sponsorship undertaking of a family of five, all donations given through MCC will receive a tax receipt. 
Sem G Yohannes (Primary Contact)
Shewit Kidane (Secondary Contact)
Funds raised: $29,250.00 towards the goal of $36,700.00