We are a group of friends who started out as a book club but decided to start making a difference, one family at a time. Our goal is to sponsor a refugee family from a country of greatest need. Syria has been much in the news but there are refugees from many other parts of the world. Our group started as 7 families but we know many others would like to help.
We will settle them in Guelph, find them accommodations and furnishings . We will help them to access the services necessary for a successful integration into their new country, including schools, medical care and job searches. With some assistance from the Canadian government, we are responsible to provide funding necessary to support the family for their first year in Canada.
All funds raised will go directly to the support of the family. We are hopeful that through these efforts, we can bring one family out of crisis and help them to be productive members of Canadian society.

Funds raised: $32,367.31 towards the goal of $37,000.00