Many Canadians kindly responded to the Syrian Refugee Crisis when it began last year, and donated money to groups trying to bring refugees to Canada. Media attention has shifted elsewhere, but the crisis continues. With your help - We – the parents of children at the King Edward Public School in Toronto - have been able to raise $9,845.00. We thank-you for this.

We are very close to being able to sponsor one refugee. The money needed to sponsor one refugee in Toronto for one year is $18,700. The Government of Canada will also contribute a fixed amount of money to help support our refugee. Taking into account this money, and the money we have raised so far, we believe that we can sponsor a refugee to Canada if we can simply raise an additional:


Then we can support a refugee. We believe that every person, every life, counts. To help even one person matters. So, we have not given up our efforts. Some of you may have supported us or other groups already. Others have told us that they have little money to spare. Let us be very clear: Every little bit, even a donation of $5.00-$10.00  will help. If each person we contact can give $5.00-$10.00, we believe that this will be enough to transform the life of one person, by bringing them to Canada.

By donating to our refugee sponsorship fund, you will help us support a sponsored family during their first 12 months of settlement in Toronto. Together we can make a difference in their lives. Your donation will help provide housing, food, clothing and other essentials of daily life. If you would like to get involved in this initiative please contact:

Funds raised: $13,769.83 towards the goal of $20,000.00