We are a downtown Toronto neighbourhood sponsorship initiative.
Please consider helping us welcome refugees to Ontario and Canada. Your donation will help provide housing, food, clothing and other essentials of daily life.
For decades, the Major Street neighborhood in downtown Toronto has been home to people arriving from all over the world. And today, our street continues to be a welcoming place for people from multiple countries and cultures.
With thanks to the help from many people, we have welcomed an extended refugee family to become part of the extended family of our neighbourhood community.
We are now in the long process of helping them settle.
But there is more to be done! We have been witness to the powerful effect that sponsorship can have and now, more than ever, the need for sponsorship exists and we have pledged to continue in this valuable effort.
Now, more than ever, we – sponsors and refugees alike - need all the help you can give.
We regard the supportive community we live in as a gift. Now we will have the opportunity to pay that gift forward. To make a donation, simply hit the donate button on this page.
For more information about donations, our project and how to get involved, contact us at mssri.info@gmail.com .
We’re happy to talk to you, and we also welcome offers of all kinds of support.
Thank you.

Funds raised: $79,521.00 towards the goal of $85,000.00