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Anyone who turns on the news these days can be completely overwhelmed by the amount of upsetting news that we are bombarded with.  The threat of nuclear war, the recent rise of white supremacy, climate change, poverty, and the list goes on.  Sometimes that feeling of being overwhelmed can lead us to a state of paralysis - we struggle with what can be done, what we can do to help...

But we would like to share the opportunity to make a difference.  We are not attempting to change the world but rather to change 4 lives - the lives of Heba, Wafeek, Jamila and Adnan Kharsa.  Here is their story…

In November of 2014 a young woman named Doha Kharsa arrived in Saskatoon with five of her six children as a government sponsored refugees.  She had escaped the war in Syria after her children’s school had been bombed.  They initially took refuge in Malaysia.  She thought she would be gone only a few months until things improved in her home country but due of the ongoing violence and danger she has never returned.

She was joined a year later by her husband and son.  A few months later she received word her brother and sister would be arriving along with her sister’s three young children who had escaped Syria and struggled in Lebanon for years.  As the violence continued in Aleppo, Doha’s younger sister Heba and brother Wafeek also escaped to Malaysia.

Three of her brothers remained in Syria to take care of Doha’s parents and their families.  Two of them were recruited by force to fight for Assad's army before they could run away. In July 2017, the third remaining brother also was taken to fight for Asaad’s army leaving no one to care and support for Doha’s parents.  He was the only hope to his sick parents and his son and wife so the family decided to send Doha’s ailing mother and 5-year old nephew to Malaysia to be with Heba and Wafeek.  Even though Malaysia is safer it still poses many risks to the Kharsa’s. Malaysia considers all refugees to be illegal.  This means they are unable to work, go to school, and must live a life in the shadows in constant fear of being jailed or sent back to Syria.

In early 2017 a group of friends came together to offer sponsorship support to Heba and Wafeek.  Our group, “Moms for Refugees”, will help support the family settle into Saskatoon, enrol in school, take care of overdue medical and dental care, earn their driver’s license, etc.  However, now with the addition of Jamila and Adnan we have 24 months to raise $35,000.  We need your help. 

By making a donation you will know you have made the world a better place.  You will forever be a part of the life and legacy of Heba, Wafeek and Adnan as they grow, go to school, start their careers, and build their own families.  You will reunite an ailing mother with 3 of her children and 9 of her grandchildren she believed she would never see again.  You will literally be saving four lives. 

As Margaret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

Funds raised: $33,950.96 towards the goal of $35,000.00