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Neufeld Family Group

The Neufeld Family Group are happy and excited; preparing to welcome the Baliozian family to Canada. We are expecting them to arrive here before the end of March 2018. The Baliozian’s are the second family, displaced by the war in Syria, that our group is sponsoring since 2016. Having successfully integrating the Aldgeem family into Canadian society as well as into our own lives as forever friends, we are confidently expecting to do the same with the Baliozians.

Hovsep is an appliance repair technician, Titar his wife is a school teacher, their daughter Lena will turn 4 in May. They used to live in Aleppo until the rebels destroyed Hovsep’s place of business and shelled Titar’s school slaughtering 120 children and parents. They fled the city with their baby and escaped to Lebanon, where they exist as refugees to this day, with limited rights, unable to work with no foreseeable future there or at home. They, as Armenian Christians, along with two thirds of the former 250,000 Christians of Aleppo are particularly vulnerable as displaced peoples in the middle east.

The Baliozians, along with hundreds of thousands of fellow Syrian refugees, have had their lives placed on hold. They are fortunate, having passed through the extensive vetting process, being accepted to Canada through MCC and then to us.

We have managed to secure a wonderful 1bdrm with den condo rental here in central Abbotsford. We are still in need of furniture, and all other needs to set up a household from scratch. If you can help with any of the following it would be gratefully received.:
ueen mattress and box spring, single bed and child’s dresser, area rug, sheets, blankets, girls toys, coffee table, pots and pans, groceries and kitchen ware.

All donations made through this site are tax-deductible.

If you wish to contact the Neufeld Family Group, please email carolyneneufeld@shaw.ca

Funds raised: $24,250.00 towards the goal of $25,500.00