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First of all, Thank you for visiting our page on behalf of our group: Daniel Cooper, Felicia Wall, Kelleen Toohey, Cathy Wall, Sam Barnes, and Thomas Belsheim

21 year-old Felicia Wall spent a year volunteering with MCC  in Durban in 2009-2010. She worked in a Creche (daycare) for refugee children in the impoverished central business district. During her time there she was inspired and awed by the commitment and work ethic of the women who worked at the creche. They were charged with 50+ toddlers in a small indoor space with no access to the outdoors and somehow managed to keep them safe and even educated them and prepared them for primary school.  Felicia keeps in contact with the many friends she made in Durban, having visited again in 2013 and 2017.  While most of the community of central African refugees that Felicia worked with in South Africa have managed to seek out a good life, there is one woman and her children that still have huge obstacles to overcome.  A group of us want to help bring her to Canada where she can have a chance to make a new life...to provide possibilities for her children, to live in freedom and stability,  and to have the ability to thrive. MCC has agreed to assist us in the process of applying for sponsorship.

Germaine is a single mother of 2 children; one of them has special needs that we feel can be better addressed in Canada.  She is a resourceful and giving woman who has cared for many other people and taken initiative in providing community support.  However her own options are beginning to close in on her.  (For more details on her story, feel free to contact Cathy at the email below.) 

As family and friends of Felicia and Dan, our group is committed to supporting Germaine and her children in order to make a new start in Canada.  It is a big undertaking and we are confident that we can do this. 

However, financial support for a year for 3 people amounts to $25,000. We are looking for assistance to raise approx. $12,000, in order to come up with that total. 

We would greatly appreciate any donation you could offer to help Germaine and her children successfully settle in Canada.

All donations made through this site are tax-deductible.

If you have further questions about this sponsorship, please contact Cathy Wall at cathyawall@gmail.com  or Daniel Cooper at danielcooper20@gmail.com.

Funds raised: $24,550.00 towards the goal of $25,000.00