Welcome to the online donation page for Open Doors Niverville! We are a group of local volunteers working together to sponsor a refugee family. Niverville is full of caring and compassionate people, and we are looking forward to partnering with as many of you as possible, to give a refugee family new freedom and opportunity!

We are operating as a private sponsorship group under the umbrella of MCC’s Refugee Program. Open Doors has to raise the funds needed to support the refugee family for the first 12 months. In addition to raising finances to be used for living expenses, there will be a tremendous amount of volunteer time and effort needed to help the family settle into a life in Canada. Canadians take things like grocery shopping, healthcare, education, and banking for granted. Refugee families will need to be shown, and taught, all these basic skills and this is going to be in addition to learning a new language while dealing with enormous cultural adjustments.

We invite you to partner with us, through monetary donations, but also invite you to consider helping in other ways, as your skills/knowledge may be best utilized after the family actually arrives in Canada.

Elaine Kehler
Open Doors Niverville Representative

Funds raised: $25,952.33 towards the goal of $45,000.00