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The ROSTHERN COMMUNITY GROUP (#2) is a small group of people living in the Rosthern and Saskatoon area of Saskatchewan. We are working with a young Eritrean family, now living in Saskatoon, to sponsor a couple of their cousins who are stuck in Tel Aviv. The cousins are in their mid-twenties; one male, one female and one 5-year-old child.

Refugees from Eritrea have been fleeing the repressive regime that has been in power since 1993. The country has been called “The North Korea of Africa.”

We are working with MCC through the Government of Canada’s Private Refugee Sponsorship program.

Funds raised will assist us in the first 12 months of settlement needs, which may include: provision of food, clothes, accommodation, transportation, English tutoring, medical/dental, and any unexpected costs, as needed.

Funds raised: $10,450.00 towards the goal of $34,000.00