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Update, October 2018

Thanks for all of your support so far! Your donations, prayers and support have made a big difference in the life of the family. They are doing well and settling into life in Canada. They are learning English, going to school, and most of them have picked up work as well. Despite their difficult past, they are overjoyed to be in Canada and working hard to establish themselves here.

One other pressing need has come up. At the time of sponsorship, the husband had become separated from his family while trying to find other options for his family. Meanwhile his name had still been included in his wife’s application, so it is possible for us to apply for him to come to Canada.

We are looking to raise an additional $14,000 to help bring their husband/father over to Canada. Would you consider once again partnering with us?

Original Message

We are a group of eight friends who feel a burden to help with the ongoing Syrian Refugee Crisis. After much prayer and discussion, we feel prompted to find refuge for a displaced Syrian family. As a sponsorship group we will be providing financial, emotional, logistical, and spiritual support and your participation will make it possible to help them find a new, safe home in Canada.

We invite you to be a part of this journey to provide a home for this family by providing for their financial and material needs. We plan, God-willing, to sponsor this family and to help settle them in Burnaby. For this we are raising $35,000. Would you prayerfully consider donating whatever God places on your heart.

We appreciate your warm reception of this message and we look forward to your good will. Please keep the refugees, the family we will sponsor, and us in your prayers.

Funds raised: $30,566.98 towards the goal of $46,500.00