Sam heard God's calling early on and served the Lord unselfishly throughout his life. Spending the last 30 years working at various missions and orphanages in Haiti, Sam brightened many lives. With a passion and commitment for hard work, he was always seen with a smile on his face. Sam had a soft spot for children, especially those that needed a little extra love. He would always find time for anyone who needed help.

Keeping this in mind, the donations in Sam's name will be supporting the House of Hope:

There is a problem in Haiti called the "restavek" (domestic slave) phenomenon. State statistical records in Haiti show that the number of children living as restaveks is more than 350,000. Hoping to make a better life for their children, mothers and fathers who don't have the means to take care of their children, entrust them to extended family or friends willing to receive the children. Unfortunately, when these children go to the host families, they treat them as domestic servants, they don't keep the promises made to these children's families, and the children are mistreated. At the House of Hope, children in this situation are fed one meal a day, taught to read and write, to learn a trade, to resolve conflicts non-violently, and what their rights are.

Samuel Streu