War brings about all kinds of suffering, not only to the combatants and to the civilian bystanders, and all of us around the world who wonder what we can do about it. Mennonites have traditionally focused on the plight of the civilians, but the returning soldiers are often physically, morally and spiritually wounded too.

We feel that in addition to helping bring peace to war torn countries, we are also called to help bring peace to returning war veterans.

We are grateful Canadian civilians and vets who are motivated to “do our share” in providing services to the Canadian war veterans who find themselves in difficulty from the trauma of war. Our focus is on healthy reintegration of veterans into their home communities by offering simple human companionship, and our aim is to enable war veterans to find deep peace on the home front.

Our mission: “Bringing soldiers all the way back home”

Note: All donations of $10 and up will be eligible for an official tax receipt from MCC Alberta.

Funds raised: $1,500.00 towards the goal of $65,000.00