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In December of 2016, a group of families in the greater Abbotsford area formed the Sumas Mountain Refugee Sponsorship Group, committed to providing sponsorship for 6-10 refugees.  

Our group mandated a Steering Committee (Jake and Donna Stelpstra, Norma Kobald, Lee Hollaar, Pieter and Fran Vanderpol and Bill de Jager) to lead the group through the process of sponsoring refugees into our community.  The Steering Committee collaborated with the local Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), whose experienced expertise in Canadian refugee sponsorship was invaluable.  

On March 14, 2016, we welcomed five Eritrean men to Canada.  The committee, along with our group supporters, walked together with these five new permanent residents of Canada, providing orientation and support as they learnt to live within a new cultural context. Now, two years later, our five Eritrean men have found their own living arrangements, jobs, and social communities.  Our sponsorship has transformed into friendship.

So once again, it’s time to extend our sponsorship to others waiting for an opportunity to begin a new life in Canada. 

Now in the spring of 2018, we are sponsoring another four Eritrean men, who should be arriving in a month or two.  Once again, we look forward to providing initial orientation and support to these men as they face a multitude of adaptions: microwaves, dishwashers, grocery shopping, bureaucratic paperwork, electronic banking, and learning English, just to mention a few. Not only do these four men have the support of the Sumas Mountain Refugee Sponsorship Group, but also the support of others from the Eritrean community who have arrived in Canada before them.   

Through the generosity of our supporters, housing and employment are in place.  However, there is a need for ongoing financial support to cover the costs of providing initial orientation and support to these men, including such items as clothing, personal and household items, medical and dental needs, and transportation. 

If you are interested in supporting our refugee sponsorship group and in serving in whatever capacity you can, contact Bill de Jager at .  You will receive information about our Sumas Mountain Refugee Sponsorship Group, including options of how you can help.  

Thank you in advance for your support and donations. 

Funds raised: $24,000.00 towards the goal of $20,000.00