I am happy to announce that I have been accepted into the MCC SALT program (Serving and Learning Together). The program sends people from all over the world to work alongside MCC's partner organizations in different places. I will be serving in Nicaragua from August 2017 until July 2018. While I am there, I will be assisting at the Christian Deaf School, as well as teaching/tutoring at the Fortress of Hope (a home for children).

The assignment will be both interesting and challenging (for one thing, I will need to learn Nicaraguan Sign Language) and so your support will be very much appreciated. If you would like to support me financially, you can use this account to make donations. If you would prefer to support me (and the people with whom I will be living and working) in prayer, the MCC will be providing prayer cards in August. If you would like more information about the assignment, the organization, or how I decided to embark on this adventure, please feel free to contact me and I will be delighted to discuss all these things with you.

Tess in Queen Elizabeth park
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