Thank you for visiting our page and your generous support! Many members of our sponsorship group bring a shared experience of coming to Canada as refugees or immigrants. Approximately half of our group members also identify as LGBTQ. These experiences, among others, have instilled in each of us a commitment to building community in ways that are affirming, inclusive, and grounded in a vision of collective well-being. Our group wishes to be a part of something that allows us to enact these values, to grow our own sense of community through service. Many of our own families once relied on these supports, and we would now like to share our time, knowledge, and resources with other newcomers to Canada, which is why we are engaging in refugee sponsorship. We are supporting a refugee originally from Iran. For any immigrant, the transition to their new life can be difficult, but for refugees it can be especially challenging. Your money will help the newcomer we sponsor through any emergencies or urgent needs that come up during their first year in Canada.

Thanks again for your generous donation and support!

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Funds raised: $2,424.17 towards the goal of $3,300.00