Thanks so much for visiting our page and your generous support! We are the staff of the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) - TRIEC’s goal is to make sure that immigrants to the Greater Toronto Area can find employment at their skill level and find success in their careers.

We are a group of colleagues who are excited by the opportunity to put our skills and knowledge to good use and support a family to build a new life in Toronto. We each have our own reasons for wanting to do this, but one common thread that unites us all is that we relate to newcomer story, either through our own lived experience, or through the experience of our family and friends.

We are supporting a family of seven people. For any immigrant, the transition to their new life can be difficult, but for refugees it can be especially challenging. Your money will help the family we sponsor through any emergencies or urgent needs that come up during their first months in Canada.

Thank you for your generous donation and support!

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Funds raised: $5,010.00 towards the goal of $10,400.00