Please join us in welcoming a refugee family to Canada. We are a group of young professionals joined together by the recognition of how lucky we are to call Canada home, as well as the desire to support a family who is seeking a more stable and secure life for themselves through refugee sponsorship.  We have jumped into this adventure to model kindness, compassion and generosity to our children and communities. As more countries are closing their doors to refugees, the precious spots that Canada has made available are more important than ever. We hope that Canada continues to be an example of inclusion and multiculturalism in the world and we want to play one small part in making that a reality.

Your donation will assist this refugee family with their living costs and daily needs as well as with the high cost of rent in Toronto. All funds raised will go directly to the support of this family.

Thank you in advance! If you have any question, please contact Tiff Blair at

Funds raised: $2,300.00 towards the goal of $9,900.00