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I am from Sudan, and was able to come to Canada as a student under a refugee program specifically for students.  I am currently in university and trying to bring my family to join me here. 

Here a few details on my family:

  • Currently residing in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya, they’ve been living here since 2014.
  • Single parent family, mom alive, but dad passed in 2008
  • Family size to come to Canada, 7
  • Mom, 3 sisters and 3 brothers
  • 3 sisters all in grade 7 and doing very well in their studies
  • 3 brothers are in grades 6, 4, and 2 respectively also doing well in their studies
  • All they family support for the kids’ schooling comes from me, their elder brother.

Please do reach out to me for more information or just to chat about my family background at the following contact: cell phone #604.401.3096. Email: joshuayai34@gmail.com. Any queries are welcomed.

Funds raised: $750.00 towards the goal of $37,400.00